Miss Boss Racing talks about race crash and going forward into 18/19 season.
Amanda Martin
“With the crash at the test and tune back in march, I don’t really know what happened I was about to pull my chutes then next minute I was on the roof sliding what felt like for ages. I was saying to myself ok don’t unstrap until you’ve stopped. There were sparks going everywhere and I was a bit concerned it was going to catch on fire, when it come to a stop I let myself out of the seat belts and kicked the door to get out”
What were you Feeling at that time?
“I actually wasn’t scared at all I’ve always said when people crash at high speeds “they’ll be fine the safety is amazing” and I was, all I got was a black eye from my helmet hitting the roll bar and I broke my foot when I kicked what I thought was the door but it was the roll bar”.

Getting prepped for the new car what was the strategy? “The first time I sat in new Miss Boss I was so excited at no time was I never not getting back in a car. But when I had to do my first pass 4 months after the crash I was scared, I even cried , just a little Haha I wasn’t scared of the car just the whole omg what if I crash this one, is the track prepped right? But I was fine I did two half tracks and my mechanic Phil asked if I was comfortable and wanted to do a full pass. I said I don’t know I’ll see how I feel after the burn out, so I thought ok I’m going to do this, my crew knew I would, they know me too well , so I did my first full track pass running a 7.03 @309kms/hr and it felt amazing, I was so happy.”

“We had planned on doing the full points round so we started off with Mildura , I top qualified with a 4.48 sec pass 8th mile, but when I went out for my first elimination the car died just after leaving the line. So that was the end of that meet. We have just changed all the rods and will have the motor back in hopefully ready to do well for this Saturday at the Perth Motorplex.