Western Nationals 2021 and the Torrie makes it a double.

Well, that was a hectic but rewarding weekend. We meet our good friend Ray Le-Cocq in the final of the 50th Annual Western Nationals in Super Sedan and it was a close race but we were lucky enough to come away with the win. A big congrats to Ray for the making the...

Western Nationals and a new kid on the block

Finally the candy store opened and the big kid got to straddle one of the Benny Stevens Nitro Harleys at the Perth Motorplex Western Nationals. Surrounded by well wishers, crew, a nervous partner and Benny offering encouragement Aaron Deery faced the tree for his...

Nitro Night Perth Motorplex

A few pics from the Nitro Night at the Perth Motorplex Feb 2019 and some of the hard working track staff. all the pics at ACS Sports Images Lots more here!!

Anthony Begley “What the hell happened?”

These unpredictable fire belching monsters took over two lanes at the Perth Motorplex`s Nitro night as the Nitro Funny cars of Anthony Begley and Matt Abel decided to demolish themselves in spectacular fashion. The drivers escaped the carnage without injury with...

Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Cars at Perth Motorplex

Nitro event saw great racing in Outlaws [Alan Mahnkoph and Greg James], Super Sedan [Matt Gullotto and Mick Fenton] and Super Street [Joel Trotman and Kenah Begg]
We had a great and successful night, at the Nitro event. Stuart completed his license, won 2 out of 3 of his races and we went home with the car in one piece.
Thank you to everyone who has supported Stuart’s progression from a Junior Dragster driver to driving a Supercharged Torana.

Well that was an awesome season of Drag Racing. I think I have learnt more about racing and vehicle set ups this year than the past 10 years combined. We never expected to be competitive at all but to end the season with an event and pb’s right down to the last run of year is truly amazing. We also got to witness a new driver in Stuart going rounds and doing really well. Stuart has bragging rights for the off season with his 9.07 @ 149mph which was the quickest and fastest the car ran all year. We have lots of plans for the off season so stay tuned for the updates.

A big thank you to Kym for his help all season and all also Brock who helped us for Westerns.

We also wanted to thank everyone that help us achieve our goals this year especially Mike from ACS Sports Images


Economic conditions have forced the HR into temporary parkup, However its full on for the Torrie`s rebuild. Roger is now busy on the brake system……..Roger says “For the first time in around 6 months the Torrie is finally on all 4 wheel again. Now that the diff is in we can move forward with some further chassis mods. Still soooo much to do, but at least we are heading in the right direction.
30 years ago, An HQ brake upgrade and 90/10’s were the bees knees.These days it’s Willwood brakes and double adjustable coil overs. Can’t wait to get behind the wheel of this beast. Times a ticking…….

A quick update from us for the off season. As most are aware we decided that we were going to focus on getting the Torana back on track for the 19/20 season. The old engine was a little tired and not up to what we wanted moving forward so we sold the engine and we sourced a new engine block. Our original intentions were to build a nice little 600hp NA engine but like everything in drag racing the build has gotten bigger and bigger every time we looked at ordered new parts. The final combination is now sorted and most of the parts are now on order and hopefully we can start the engine build soon. We are basically on track with the new engine but due to the increase in expected power, we now have a multitude of other vehicle upgrades that the car is going to need to keep the old girl firmly planted to the track and keep the driver safe. As soon as the engine has been completed we’ll start on upgrading the other aspects of the car and hopefully we’ll hit the track at some stage this season for some testing.
A big thanks to our sponsors for hanging in there with us while we complete the upgrades. ACTON Rockingham ACS Computers

Some more bits coming in

Torana 621 Big block

Torana 350 Chev

HR Outlaw History

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