ANDRA Tech day Perth Motorplex

ANDRA Tech day at the Perth Motorplex we saw a couple of new rigs, Nick Panagopoulos`s Altered and Bill Barbers blown EH ex QLD coast. The ANDRA Boys and Girls were kept busing with a steady flow of hardware being teched. Marty Mirco presented the "Tuff68" Camaro...

WADRA Life Members, Committee and Yearbook.

The WADRA AGM saw the election and re election of the new President and committee. President, Gary Fowler, Vice President, Liz Johns, Secretary, Vereen Ellwood, and Treasurer, Netty Jones. The first WADRA life members were presented to the membership. Peter Glover...

Trophy truck continues to Darwin

The Trophy truck worked for a couple of trees in Alice Springs where Marty Mirco and Brodie Zappia collected a tree each. On the downside Amanda Martin after the chute release the car skipped down the strip only to collect the fence and suffer some considerable...

Nick`s Altered his bracket

Nick Panagopoulos hard at it in the workshop preparing his change in bracket to Altereds hopefully for a run in the upcoming 19/20 season at the Perh Motorplex

Ryan Aus No 1

Ryan Learmonth [WA] goes to the finals at the Winter Nationals and takes the runner up trophy which in turn gave him the National number one title in Pro Bike.Jay Upton [WA] runner up in top fuel

A quick update from us for the off season. As most are aware we decided that we were going to focus on getting the Torana back on track for the 19/20 season. The old engine was a little tired and not up to what we wanted moving forward so we sold the engine and we sourced a new engine block. Our original intentions were to build a nice little 600hp NA engine but like everything in drag racing the build has gotten bigger and bigger every time we looked at ordered new parts. The final combination is now sorted and most of the parts are now on order and hopefully we can start the engine build soon. We are basically on track with the new engine but due to the increase in expected power, we now have a multitude of other vehicle upgrades that the car is going to need to keep the old girl firmly planted to the track and keep the driver safe. As soon as the engine has been completed we’ll start on upgrading the other aspects of the car and hopefully we’ll hit the track at some stage this season for some testing.
A big thanks to our sponsors for hanging in there with us while we complete the upgrades. ACTON Rockingham ACS Computers

Torana 621 Big block

Torana 350 Chev

HR Outlaw History

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